Protection against the health hazards of radiation has been an extensive research field since the invention of X-rays and radioactivity at the end of the 19th century. Despite the tremendous progress that has been achieved through the years, many assumptions about the possible health effects of low doses of radiation, such as those delivered during the diagnostic X-ray examinations, are yet to be proven.

Our Radiation Protection group is housed in the Medical Physics Laboratory of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and is working in close collaboration with the Radiology Department, the Nuclear Medicine Department and the Radiation Oncology Department of our Medical School, housed at the AHEPA University Hospital.

The group’s goal is to contribute to the scientific knowledge in the areas of dosimetry of diagnostic x-ray examinations, the establishment of Diagnostic Reference Levels of complex interventional and fluoroscopically guided surgical procedures and to explore methods of radiation dose reduction without compromising diagnostic information. Main topics of interest and research areas include Monte Carlo modeling for radiation shielding applications, patient dosimetry using simulation software, thermoluminescent dosimetry in phantoms and patients and radiation protection measurements in patients receiving therapeutic amounts of radionuclides.

Recent Publications

K. Hatziioannou, K. Badiavas, E. Papanastasiou, I. Seimenis, G. Loukidis, I. Iakovou. “Absorbed dose estimation to family members of patients treated with radioiodine for thyroid cancer”. 1st European Congress of Medical Physics, Athens, Greece, Sep 1-4, 2016. Eur J Med Phys 2016; 32: 325.


Group Members



Siountas Anastasios

Papanastasiou Emmanouil


Clinical Medical Physicists

Chatzigiannaki Anastasia

Bousbouras Periklis

Tsampazis Nikolaos


Research Associates

Zapros Angelos

Konstantinides Manolis