The Lab of Medical Physics is an active participant in a number of international projects in collaboration with several healthcare institutions, Industries and Enterprises, as well as User Groups and Associations. Moreover, it demonstrates strong management capacity having coordinated a large number of EU grants in CIP-PSP, FP7, and INTERREG programmes but also acted as the System Integration Manager in others.



A large number of publicaitons has been authored by the Lab Of Medical Physics in various international peer-reviewed journals and conferences with key publications in assistive technologies (silverscience, silvergaming, mobile health, decision support, avatars), technology enhanced learning in Medical Education (web2.0, semantic web, serious games, virtual patients, PBL, learning analytics) and Affective and Physiological Computing and HCI, (bio)medical informatics with emphasis on neurophysiological sensing and health information management (open health big data), and Affective Neurosciences.



The research is conducted by approximately 10 research groups within the fields of Applied and Affective Neuroscience, Assistive technologies and silver science, Biomedical electronics and devices, Biophotonics & Robotics, Dosimetry & Simulation, Health Services Research, Low level treacebility, Medical Education Informatics, Medical Imaging and Non-ionizing radiation. Each group is composed of faculty PIs or Academic staff; any combination of graduate and undergraduate students, post-docs, and research staff.