Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People

12/11/14 to 31/12/17

UNCAP delivers a platform based on open industrial standards able to create new care & assistance paradigms.

The result will be an open source, scalable and privacy-savvy ecosystem ready to help aging people live independently.

UNCAP (“Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People “) will make use of solutions and technologies developed in previous research projects to develop an open, scalable and privacy-savvy ICT infrastructure designed to help aging people live independently while maintaining and improving their lifestyle. The final solution will consist of real products that will be made available on the market.

The project is co-financed by the EU through the Horizon 2020 programme, and it involves 23 partners (including several pilot user partners) from 9 European countries (IT, UK, SI, RO, EL, DE, SE, ES, MK).