A Collective Intelligent Platform To Support Cancer Champions

01/12/19 to 30/11/22

LifeChamps aims at shifting the discrimination barrier for older cancer patients through the integration of different clinical and digital tools such as PROMs, PREMs, symptomatic and geriatric measures, mHealth and wearables, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for Big Data. As its end result, Lifechamps will develop a novel, sophisticated and multifaceted clinical decision support tool for a comprehensive geriatric assessment. By doing so, LifeChamps, aims at including geriatric cancer patients as active members of the integrated care model, since care team coordination is feasible through the combination of cancer symptom monitoring and frailty modeling. Additionally, Lifechamps aims to expand the current base of knowledge for the healthcare support of older people with cancer as well as to create a digital intervention reflecting the suggested best practices in geriatric. From a technological viewpoint, multiple and heterogeneous data are constantly produced during the many cancer patients’ treatment stages. Up to now such data evolve in silos and are accessible by separate stakeholders (clinics, oncologists, geriatricians, caregivers, etc.) with no evident data correlations detection which could lead to patients-centric disruptive treatments. The LifeChamps project recognizes this and puts at the centre-stage of the efforts the use of state-of-the-art Big Data technologies to design strategies to address the QOL of cancer patients during and after cancer treatments. More specifically, based on a collaborative and personalized approach, LifeChamps envisages delivering an open, data-centric, secure and smart platform capable of supporting cancer champions in their endeavors from the moment of diagnosis to therapy and recovery.

The vision of LifeChamps is to address the inherent complexity caused by cancer treatments and to act in the monitoring of health status and improvement of quality of life in a significant manner by using emerging developments in the fields of Big Data, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Its innovative components will be built upon three pillars:


Α prediction engine capable of providing comprehensive insights at the point of care in order to predict and prevent disorders, morbidities or cancer relapse associated with cancer treatment at an early stage; based on a Big Data-enabled HPC infrastructure with a broad knowledge base, where heterogeneous data from multiple sources is mapped, in a reachable and manageable way to create valuable insights;


A smart care model to timely address, in a continuous monitoring approach, symptoms responsible for affecting QOL, in particular, frailty;


Provide a collaborative structure to all target users: (i) older cancer patients - counseling in day to day activities with recommendations and advises on transversal lifestyle domains (e.g., nutrition, physical activity, social inclusion), (ii) physicians – supporting the clinical work by providing actionable insights on individual patient health and QOL trajectory, as well as visualization of aggregated data and their causalities and (iii) healthcare providers and healthcare systems – business intelligence dashboard to provide quality of service estimation.

Ultimately, LifeChamps will contribute decisively towards (a) increasing treatment safety, (b) improving efficiency of resource utilization, and (c) minimizing the conduct of unnecessary clinical procedures. The LifeChamps platform will be validated in four multi-national pilot use case scenarios aimed at demonstrating its applicability and validity for all the requirements of the SC1-DTH01-2019 Call (prediction, care, advice).

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