Development of a Training Program for the Improvement of Quality of Life of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities through “Serious Games”

01/11/20 to 31/10/22

Since people with cognitive deficits (i.e. neurodevelopmental or intellectual disabilities) have limitations in adaptive behavior they represent an important target of interventions specifically aimed at improving overall function independence and Quality of Life (QoL). Therefore, PwID must be trained for improving impaired cognitive functions in order to increase their ability to understand new or complex information, learn and apply new skills, improve their adaptive behavior and, accordingly, their QoL.

Traditional training methodologies often do not apply to PwID, or are insufficient. The use of ICT Serious Games (ICT-SG) or "training games" is fairly accepted by PwID because they are more motivated, don´t feel the pressure of real world, feeling comfortable to explore virtual world, being able to keep attention on tasks, and can develop motor coordination and spatial orientation. Therefore, ICT-SG constitute an alternative or complement to current training methods for PwID.

The main objective ID-GAMING is to increase the competences of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and related Professionals and Relatives in the implementation of ICT Serious Games for improving cognitive functions, and therefore, their QoL. Specific objectives of ID GAMING are:

• To increase the awareness of this target group regarding the relevance of ICT-SG
• To select and collect proper ICT-SG for better training the cognitive functions of PwID according to the specific needs and capacities.
• To transfer knowledge, guidelines and procedures on how to use ICT-SG to produce specific aimed outcomes in terms of cognitive functions and Quality of Life
• To develop and improve Digital Skills of PwID
• To increase the socialization of PwID through the collaborative gaming and involvement of the Relatives in the use of ICT Serious Games out of the care centers.

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