Development of a Training Program for Improving Quality of Life of Elder Persons with Reduced Mobility Through the Exploitation of Assistive Technologies

01/11/19 to 31/10/21

ERMAT is launched with the main objective of increasing the competences (attitudes, knowledge,
skills) of Elder Persons with Reduced mobility, Informal Caregivers and Professionals on the
application of Assistive Technologies for improving their Quality of Life.
Specific objectives:
- To promote sense of self-care and care supported by ATs
- To inform about available ATs and their application to the specific needs of EPRM
- Create awareness and trust about the importance and possibilities of using ATs for improving QoL of EPRM, increasing their autonomy and community participation.
- To create digital and technological skills, which allow EPRM and supports to properly exploit ATs
- To create an e-learning environment that could facilitate the access of EPRM to the training contents
- To involve Informal Caregivers, Professionals and other Elder Persons as Peer-Supports that will support those EPRM that are not able to directly attend to the training activities.

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