Epione™ platform, a project of Gnomon Informatics SA in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, provides state-of-the-art patient education, patient co-operation, patient self-management and monitoring tools, and is based on Gnomon SA eHealthPass™ platform which allows the rapid deployment of these advanced functions based on international medical data exchange standards. The eHealthPass™ platform is a patient-centered solution that gives patients a way to manage their health information. Epione’s vision is to provide a patient-centered healing experience and promote the concepts of evidence-based practices and personalized medicine. It aims to improve the effectiveness of patients' visits to the Units of Pain by reducing the time needed for clinicians to obtain a patient's medical history, to improve the effectiveness of multiparametric therapy and to inform physicians about the progress of each individual patient, to enhance patient adherence and to inform and educate them. Moreover, Epione’s™ vision is to be the tool for developing a patient support network that aims to assist and guide other patients with chronic pain. Finally, Epione™ prevents unauthorized access, can incorporate existing authentication mechanisms, and uses secure communication protocols for information exchange, according to the recent GDPR rules. 

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