Training Program for improving quality of life of persons with DOWN syndrome through inclusive leisure (DS Leisure)

01/10/17 to 30/09/19

DS LEISURE is launched with the main objective of increasing the competences (attitudes, skills, knowledge) of persons with Down syndrome, their families, professionals working in leisure sector, formal, non-formal caregivers and volunteers, about how to improve the Quality of Life of people with Down syndrome through Inclusive Leisure applying an innovative training  program.


  • Persons with Down Syndrome (PDS)
  • Families, caregivers
  • Professionals working in the Leisure Sector

Project Innovation

No project has been launched, at European level, in directly training persons with Down syndrome, families, caregivers and professionals of Leisure Sector as a powerful tool for increasing the Quality of Life of these persons.

DS LEISURE  is a unique and INNOVATIVE TRAINING based on the next differentiated premises:

  • Direct involvement and training of Adult Persons with Down Syndrome.
  • Based on experiential activities, “learning by doing”.
  • Promotion of the inclusion of PDS through the participation of professionals in the Leisure Sector.
  • Involving families and professionals as “supports”, not only as caregivers.
  • Involving professionals of Leisure Sector as “supports”, not only as deliver of services.
  • Training PDS in the exploitation of ICT Assistive Technologies.


  • To raise awareness and motivate the full collective about the importance of Inclusive Leisure for Quality of Life.
  • To increase the autonomy of PDS for taking decisions about their leisure time with a global Wellbeing and Quality of Life approach.
  • To transfer knowledge and guidelines about how to implement Inclusive Leisure among PDS.
  • To transfer knowledge and guidelines about to exploit ICT Tools (Apps and/ATs) for supporting inclusive leisure for PDS.


  • Methodological Guide developed with the direct participation of PDS and professionals of the Leisure Sector.
  • Training Materials for creating and improving the critical competences of PDS and professionals of the Leisure Sector.
  • Experiential Training Activities for enhancing the practical training within real environments.
  • Development of an e-Training Platform, including solutions for supporting the implementation of Training Materials and Experiential Training Activities.
  • Creation of 4 DS LEISURE UNITS.
  • Development of Dissemination Actions addressed to the European collective related to PDS.
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