01/11/18 to 31/10/20

The WHO defines the concept of Active Ageing as “the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and safety, in order to improve well-being and quality of life as people get older”. It necessary keeps activity to conserve vitality, to feel useful, to participate in social life. Active as a person, active as a citizen and active with a group of elderly people with Down Syndrome.

An Active Ageing model for PDS should take into account the next differentiated aspects, among others:

  • Prevention and slowdown of premature cognitive decline
  • Prevention and slowdown of premature physical decline
  • Keeping permanent activity achieved in childhood and youth while adapting them to the ageing situation
  • Keeping and/or promoting inclusion and community living to foster interpersonal relationships and links with related groups
  • Legal and Economic Protection and preparation for the absence of support given by partners or guardians throughout life

DS-AGEING is launched with the main objective of increasing the competences (attitudes, skills, knowledge) of PDS over 30 years, Professionals and Families about how to improve the Well-Ageing, according to the Active Ageing Model, through an innovative training program. The project has the next specific objectives:

  • Promoting the prevention and identification of the physical and cognitive effects of ageing
  • Transferring adapted methods and tool for the realization of physical activities and cognitive stimulation in order to prevent the effects of ageing and train in their use
  • Promoting the realization of independent, inclusive activities and community participation and train in their realization
  • Preparing PDS in the absence of support received by partners and tutors throughout their lives, including the correct management of the legal and economic aspects derived from the ageing of PDS
  • Identifying, analyzing and training in the use of ICT solutions that could support the whole process of “Well-Ageing”

DS-AGEING will be unique and innovative training based on the next differentiated premises;

  • Adaption and spread of the Active Ageing Model within the Down Syndrome collective, according to the increase of their life expectancy
  • Direct involvement and training of PDS who have started their ageing process (>30 years due to the specific characteristics of this collective)
  • Combination of Active Ageing and Quality of Life Model for persons with disabilities
  • Involving professionals and families as “supports”, not only as caregivers
  • Training PDS in the exploitation of ICT Tools with potential for Active Ageing

A total of 7 partners from 5 EU countries (Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Greece) will participate in DS-AGEING, a project funded by the European Commission within the ERASMUS+ 2018 Programme, Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

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