Chatbots Enhance Personalised European Healthcare Curricula

01/09/19 to 31/08/22

The aim of CEPEH strategic partnership is to co-design and implement new pedagogical approaches and, in particular, chatbots for European Medical and Nursing schools. CEPEH employs participatory design to engage stakeholders (students, healthcare workforce staff, lecturers, clinicians, etc.) in order to co-design effective chatbots and release them as open access resources. Through CEPEH, effective use of digital technologies and open education are incorporated into healthcare curricula, enabling students to increase their health and medical related skills through flexible learning.

A multidisciplinary group of experts in online pedagogies, clinical and academic staff, learning technologists, researchers, computer scientists and representatives of medical and nursing students participate in CEPEH project activities, addressing five main objectives:
•    To identify the potential role of chatbots into the current healthcare curricula.
•    To co-design and implement chatbots through user-centre design of scenarios and interfaces and technical implementation of them
•    To define best practices for the adapted co-design and implementation methodology for chatbots, in order the procedure to be easily replicable by other European HEIs.
•    To analyse the feasibility and acceptance of chatbots in healthcare curricula.
•    To produce a list of recommendations for use of chatbots in terms of pedagogical aspects, while implementing them in healthcare curricula.


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