Coach Assistant via Projected and Tangible Interface

01/12/17 to 30/11/20

CAPTAIN aims to turn the homes of older adults into a gentle coach, providing smart assistant whenever and wherever it is needed, based on their activity. To do so, CAPTAIN uses micro-projects and projected augmented reality to turn all surfaces into tangible interfaces for personalized information and reminders.

CAPTAIN is an idea that came after many years of research and piloting in the Active and Healthy Ageing domain. Our vision is to design the future home where smart assistance will enhance the usefulness and effectiveness of the personalized recommendations, allowing older adults leave their cozy place as it is when there is no need.

Project's Objectives:

  • Radically new HCI: CAPTAIN introduces new tangible interaction means, based on Projected Augmented Reality in AAL Environments.
  • Indoor monitoring: Collection and analysis of emotional, behavioural and physiological data through unobtrusive means.
  • Personalized guidance: Motivation engine designed to engage users in healthy nutritional and exercise habits, cognitive activities and social interactions.
  • Physical and cognitive training: Physical and cognitive through serious games to increase engagement levels.
  • CAPTAIN open API: A set of open APIs will be released to allow further extensions and adoption of CAPTAIN by third parties, including researchers and private companies.
  • Stakeholders community: Relying on the living labs' power, CAPTAIN builds the "CAPTAIN Stakeholders' community".
  • Agile requirements elicitation: the "Stakeholders' community" will be the only official source of requirements towards continuous co-creation throughout the project.
  • Real world scenario: CAPTAIN will be tested in three Living Labs (Thess-AHALL, INTRAS Living Lab, 27 Delvalle and AUSILIA), as well as, in real homes of volunteer older adults.

CAPTAIN will foster a truly user-centered co-design philosophy with constant involvement of older adult in the design, development, and testing of:

  • A smart home appliance which will embed miniaturised 3D scanners, cameras, pico-projectors, microphone arrays and environmental loudspeakers. It will be used to turn a room into an interactive, tangible interface. Different configurations of the appliance will be designed together with seniors to ensure the device blends with the room decor (e.g. resembling a lamp), to avoid stigmatisation and to enhance end-user acceptability.
  • A software environment turning the home itself into a projective and very user-friendly interface, capable to capture relevant physiological, behavioural data and user actions, and to provide personalised "virtual coaching", based on a gentle emotional computing metaphor through intelligent comprehension of the context.
  • A publicly available API (Application Programming Interfaces), compatible with existing IoT platforms, exposing the system’s functionality to third-party systems.

The CAPTAIN consortium is made of multi-disciplinary team which feature: Sound experience in all key technologies required for the implementation, scientific, business, clinical, economic and policy-level competence to deal will all project’s needs, pre-existing developments as starting point for the project, previous experience in similar initiatives, competence in the design of clinical trials and testing, access to key infrastructures, including living labs, as well as major involvement in all EU initiatives of Active and Healthy Ageing and Co-creation and strong coordination capacity and long cooperation track record.

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