In a special awarding ceremony, held on Friday, 18th of May, in the Ceremony Hall at the old building of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), the AUTH Faculty of Health Sciences honored with the “Excellence Awards” all of its members, who distinguished during the year 2017 for their educational and research work, the innovation of methods and techniques, emphasizing, for the first time, on their multidisciplinary medical and social work, as well as on the awarding of Academic Professors and faculty members, who receive recognition and have great influence inside and outside Greece.

Associate Professor of Medical Education Informatics Panagiotis Bamidis from the AUTH Medical Physics Laboratory was honored with a total number of ten awards for outstanding academic and research performance, since, in year 2017:

a. He made ten contributions at International Conferences.

b. He handled research funds of EUR 898,000.08.

c. The impact factor of his published work reached 25,439.

d. He was selected as an evaluator of international research project proposals, as well as an Editorial Board member of three International Journals.

e. He was elected President of the "Hellenic Society of Biomedical Technology" (ELEVIT), Vice-President of the "Society of Applied Neuroscience" and Organizing Committee President of three International Conferences.

Moreover, Prof. Bamidis was awarded for winning the 1st Prize in an International Competition as the Head of a research team.

Also, Prof. Bamidis was distinguished for the medical and social offer of his team, regarding the development of the LLM Care Healthcare Ecosystem, an advanced technology tool that combines the contemporary exercises promoting physical activity and cognitive training through an entertaining environment. LLM Care project is a self-financing service, provided by the infrastructures of the Research Committee of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, addressed to Local Authorities, Public and Private Seniors Care Centers, Recovery - Rehabilitation Centers, Health Care Professionals and individuals, with an aim to enhance the competences and the Quality of Life of the elderly people and members of vulnerable groups, including the Down Syndrome and Parkinson’s Disease. Two research team members and Medical Physics Laboratory PHD Students Antonios Billis and Evangelia Romanopoulou received an honorary distinction for their contribution to the development of the LLM Care Healthcare Ecosystem.

The Director of Medical Physics Laboratory, Assoc. Professor Anastasios Siountas, and all research and administrative staff members express their warmest congratulations to Prof. Panagiotis Bamidis and his research team, wishing the Laboratory to continue its successful academic and research presence in the coming years.