3 Powerful web servers holding the elearning, virtual patients and web repositories of the Lab. The group is responsible for the Moodle based e-learning environment (eleanring.med.auth.gr) and the virtual patients pool of the Medical School (vp.med.auth.gr).

Three medical educational resource repositories and web collaboration environments (semantic social-media rich collaborative environments):

-MELINA+ (Medical Education Linked Arena, http://www.meducator3.net/melinaplus/)

-MILES+ Medical Inter-Linked Educational Space (http://kedip.med.auth.gr/meducator3/milesplus/)

-LinkedLabyrinthPlus or its advance OpenLabyrinth3.0 (http://vp.med.auth.gr)


A 26 telecontrol Audience Response System for interactive learning.

Peripheral recordings systems for educational experiments: 3 skin conductance devices for recordings in shielded environments, wearable sensor systems with wireless connection for physiological monitoring

2 Emotiv EPOC+ unobtrusive portable Electroencephalography (EEG) sensors for evidence based affective and cognitive educational impact assessment.

2 Mixed reality (Augmented /Virtual reality) headsets for implementing immersive mobile device content in interactive medical education scenarios

19 touchscreen units for training