The Laboratory of Medical Physics and Digital Innovation was founded within the Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki back in 1964. It was the first medical physics laboratory in the Greek Higher Education. The mission of the Lab is to excel in training and multi-disciplinary research in a setting that fosters creativity and synergy.

The Laboratory is dedicated to training young doctors in the principles of physics, biomedical technology and their applications in the Health Sciences through the courses of Medical Physics and Biomedical Technology as well as Medical Education in the graduate programmes of the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Lab also participates in the Inter-University postgraduate programme in Medical Physics-Radiophysics, as well as, in postgraduate education of resident doctors in radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. In addition, members of the Lab collaborate and participate in the following post-graduate programmes:

  1. MSc in Medical Informatics (AUTH)
  2. MSc in Nanoscience (AUTH)
  3. MSc in Web Science (AUTH)
  4. MSc in Informatics in Life Sciences (University of Patras)
  5. MBA (University of Macedonia)
  6. MSc in Diabetes Core Support (Nursing Dept, Technological Institute of Thessaloniki).

The Lab is a dynamic, interactive community, home to about 14 PhD students, 25 research associates and 2 faculty members who are working as pioneers in research fields such as applied neurosciences, radiodiagnosis and non-ionizing radiation, medical education, assistive technologies, medical imaging, semantic web, affective computing and other contemporary thematic areas.

The Lab of Medical Physics and Digital Innovation is comprised of 9 research groups, leaders in their respective specialties, which pursue innovative research projects. They have been recognized internationally for their research excellence (see publications) and have been funded by a wide spectrum of sources ranging from FP6, FP7, INTERREG, LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME, to national funds from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, General Secretariat of Research and Technology and other national and international authorities.