Database of EEG recordings during Motor Imagery and Motor Execution tasks

Database of Emotiv recordings from “Mercury” pilot tests

2 commercial 14-channel Emotiv systems

1 Neurosky sensor

A house-developed bimanual “Mercury” v2.0 robotic arms apparatus mounted on an adjustable wheeled frame

A house-built BCI application for robotic control

A dedicated on-board PC for BCI usage


Lab of Medical Physics Facilities and Infrastructure available to the BERD group:

An e-home Living Lab environment with accelerometers for fall detection, video recording and large-screen presentation monitor

A specially designed magnetic shielded room for recordings with presentation capabilities

A 128-channel EEG system (with ECG and peripheral recordings system with Polhemus magnetic stylus)

A 64-channel EEG system (with ECG and peripheral recordings system)

A 32-channel mobile EEG

An EMG system

3 skin conductance devices for recordings in shielded environments wearable sensor systems with wireless connection for physiological monitoring

19 units with touchscreen for cognitive and physical training for elderly and associated Nintendo Wii consoles

4 high-power Internet servers

Numerous pc units

2 laboratory rooms

1 computer room

2 libraries