An e-home Living Lab for citizens monitoring of daily living activities

The group holds a huge database of senior data from the previous 3 year pilots (EEG data, exergame data, demographics, neuropsychological tests etc).

2 Smart TVs

19 touchscreen units for cognitive & physical training & wii consoles

an innovative system on smart rehabilitation & exergaming

1 Neurosky sensor

1 Emotiv sensor

6 mobile wrist wearable units/sensors.

2 wearable physiological sensor systems with wireless connections

an in-house-made olfactometer for odour release and smell experiments


Software platforms:

FitForAll: An exergaming Physical Training Platform (

VideoGRade: a Cognitive Training platform (

Co-marketing of BrainHQ, Cognitive Training from PositScience Inc (, (

CAC Framework: the Group developed and released libraries for .NET and javascript for effortless incorporation in third party developed software (available on