Costas Pappas

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  • Emeritus Professor (M)

Prof. Costas Pappas, Emeritus Professor of Medical Informatics, is a pioneer in the Greek and International arena on the establishment of the Medical Informatics and e-health fields, and former Director of the Lab of Medical Informatics. His research areas are within Neurophysiology (Analysis of bioelectric signals, Analysis of neural networks, Simulation of biological systems), Medical Informatics (Health Information Systems, Signal/Image Processing, Expert systems, Educational Information Systems) and Medical Education (Accreditation of e-Learning, Continuing Medical Education). He has established 2 MSc programs, namely MSc in Medical Informatics, and MSc in Medical Research Technology at the Medical School of AUTH. He has been a member of various panel and committees, and president and chairman in many conferences worldwide. He has founded the Society of Greek Medical Informatics.

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