CHILDRENHEALTH is a cross-border collaboration project between Greece and FYROM which aims to assess and eventually mitigate the problems from the increasing of obesity and cardiovascular diseases in the general population starting from the infancy. A clinical study will be performed through data samplings in children in the cross border areas to identify risk profiles and devise tailored prevention strategies.


The CROSSBORSERHEALTH project aimed at the promotion of the border areas rural doctor's medical education in topics of technology and social medicine with the use of multimedia and the internet. It involved cross-border cooperation between Greece and Bulgaria to identify and cover the needs of health and public health of the border areas. 


The aim of IntraMEDnet was the development of a medical educational/research intranet between higher education & research institutions from Greece, Italy & Cyprus, to support the undergraduate educational program, graduate practice and residency by dissemination of web-based lectures and seminars, covering advanced scientific topics and up-to-date technologies as well as the promotion of research collaborations through web-based shared workspaces. 


The Group has transferred advances of social media and semantic web technologies from the mEducator project into Continuing Education for Urology and constructed the responsive web site, gaming and virtual patient case for the educational activities of the Institute for the study of Urological Diseases (


The aim of WideMEDnet was the pilot deployment and demonstration of a distributed pool of sharing educational resources. It involved both the creation of an open system for inserting and sharing educational resources in a distributed repository as well as the dissemination of innovative educational technologies, initially among the partnership institutions and eventually through the creation of a wide online medical education institutions’ alliance.