Web Health Application for Adhd Monitoring

01/01/13 to 30/06/15

The WHAAM project is funded by the European Commission (EACEA, Lifelong Learning Programme).  


The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most common psychiatric disorder in childhood and among the main factors correlated with early school withdrawal. The WHAAM project is designed to set out specific actions aimed at improving teacher and parent skills in the observation of ADHD subjects (aged 7-18), and to design a multifunctional tool to recognize trigger events and/or the consequences that are reinforcing and maintaining the undesirable behaviours, according to cognitive-behavioural strategies. By means of these actions, the project may contribute to tackling many relevant problems in this area, such as scholastic achievement and social inclusion.

Specifically the project has defined the following concrete aims:

  • to develop a Framework for ICT-based interventions for students with ADHD. This framework aims to define a common theoretical background within the partnership;
  • to develop a Web Application focused on supporting an ICT-based multimodal ADHD intervention;
  • to design parent and teacher training paths aimed at providing teachers and parents of ADHD pupils with behavioural modification techniques and the Web Application developed;
  • to design and deliver an e-Learning module on ICT-based interventions for students with ADHD.