Long Lasting Memories

01/06/09 to 31/03/12

Long Lasting Memories (LLM) was an EU project aiming at an integrated ICT platform which combined state-of-the-art cognitive exercises with physical activity in the framework of an advanced ambient assisted living environment. By combining cognitive exercises and physical activity LLM delivers an effective countermeasure against age-related cognitive decline, thus actively improving the quality of life of the elderly and significantly prolonging the time they can remain independent at home, while respecting ethical and legal boundaries.

The LLM service can be installed in individual homes, day care centres, or more formal medical settings, enabling the accident-free, personalized and monitored physical and cognitive training of its users. Meanwhile, users are able to take advantage of the features of an independent living solution. This is accomplished by home automations that compensate for the disabilities of people with cognitive problems or mild dementia during their daily activities. Finally, an elaborate distributed sensor network guarantees immediate response in case of an emergency, by calling for help through public telephone lines (in case of home installations), or issuing alerts to onsite caregivers (in case of other installations).