Assuring Quality Health Care Traineeships for Medical and Professionals Allied to Medicine through embedding and exploiting tools across Higher Education

01/09/20 to 31/08/23

HEALINT4ALL brings professionals and students from Medicine and PAMS education together with experts in quality assurance standards for healthcare education; health education researchers and technologists from five countries and six sites of the project. HEALINT4ALL provides Medical Education and Professionals Allied to Medicine an audit system to facilitate quality assurance of EU clinical learning environments. Students will be confident that they can obtain an increased number and variety of safe optimised learning placements through extensive partnerships developed, thus fostering inclusivity. Opportunity to increase high quality placements internationally through the wider application of the system to the International Standards Organisation, International Workshop Agreement will be explored, as quality assurance will be benchmarked to this standard. Development of the skills and knowledge of auditors and auditor trainees to undertake audit is also critical and will be enhanced using new and innovative digital interactive resources. An existing audit tool currently available as a pdf online version will be newly developed into a digital interactive resource for use electronically by auditors in the field. This project contributes to global citizenship as well as health and wellbeing supported by professionals in promoting high standards and best practice, which will be exported and disseminated widely across multiple professions and with capacity to be utilised across the world.


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