TitleLeveraging Web Technologies to Expose Multiple Contemporary Controller Input in Smart TV Rich Internet Applications Utilized in Elderly Assisted Living Environments
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKonstantinidis, Evdokimos, Antoniou Panagiotis, Billis Antonis, Bamparopoulos Giorgos, Pappas Konstantinos, and Bamidis Panagiotis
Book TitleUniversal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Aging and Assistive Environments
Keywordsubiquitous communication technologies

This work describes a lightweight framework allowing internet ap- plications to access controllers such as the Wii remote, Wii balance board and MS kinect irrespective of proximity or configuration. This is achieved by utiliz- ing predetermined schemas for encapsulating the controller information and transferring this data through standard internet communication technologies (RESTFUL services and Web Sockets) in platform independent, device naïve ways. These features of the framework provide Rich Internet Applications (RI- As) with ubiquitous access
to sophisticated human computer interaction
schemes for diverse uses. The proliferation of Smart TVs as central information hubs in elderly assisted living environments, along with the need for simple gesture control schemes for these demographics, provides one application of this framework. Thus, we demonstrate how this service can be incorporated for developing internet applications and how it can be utilized for providing intui- tive interaction methods for RIAs deployed through Smart TVs in elderly as- sisted living environments