The Medical Physics Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, partner of “AD-Autonomy” Erasmus+ project, attended the second meeting, held by SPOMINČICA – ALZHEIMER SLOVENIA on 28th-29th May 2018 in Ljubljana.

AD-AUTONOMY is launched with the main objective of increasing the competences (attitudes, skills, knowledge) of Persons with Initial/Mild Alzheimer (PwA), Families and Caregivers, about how to improve their Quality of Life through Autonomy through an innovative training program.

The 2nd “AD-Autonomy” meeting was an important opportunity for all partners to discuss on the current project status and what has been achieved so far, the State of the Art of the project, the first results of the co-creation sessions, as well as the next actions for its continuity, including the intensive work of elaboration of training material and activities.

In the framework of the meeting, all partners discussed on further dissemination and clustering activities for the project in the coming months. Moreover, AUTH research team members, who attended the meeting, had the opportunity to visit, along with other partners, the premises and the Alzheimer center of Spominčica, also spending a great afternoon at the Caf Fužine nursing home for the elderly people. This is for an innovative day-care center, with newly-built facilities and plenty of activities -in which people inside and outside the care center massively participate, bridging the "social isolation" gap between the elderly people and the society.

On behalf of the AUTH Medical Physics Laboratory, we would like to express our special thanks to our Slovenian “AD-Autonomy” partners for the excellent organization of the meeting and their warm hospitality. We are looking forward to meet all project partners in the next meeting, this fall, in Thessaloniki.

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