ID Gaming is a new Erasmus+  project that aims to design a new kind of training game for people with cognitive deficits (PwlD) (i.e. neurodevelopmental or intellectual disabilities), in order to increase the competences of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and related Professionals and Relatives in the implementation of ICT Serious Games for improving cognitive functions, and therefore, their Quality of Life.

People with cognitive deficits have limitations in adaptive behavior they represent an important target of interventions specifically aimed at improving overall function independence and quality of Life. Therefore, PwID must be trained for improving impaired cognitive functions in order to increase their ability to understand new or complex information, learn and apply new skills, improve their adaptive behavior and, accordingly, their quality of life.

Among others, the training game will help PwID to develop and improve their Digital Skills but also to increase their socialization, through collaborative gaming and involvement of the Relatives in the use of ICT Serious Games out of the care centers.

In March 2021 the co-working session with stakeholders has been launched. A total five sessions will be held in the pilot sites of the project, in order to collect requirements of potential end-users, regarding the development of the training game.

 On March 10th & 24th took place the two first co-creation sessions in the Greek pilot site, conducted by AUTH partner. Due to the Covid -19 situation the sessions are conducted virtually in collaboration with beneficiaries, from the school in special education in Alexandria, Imathia.

Mostly through the trial of a variety of on line serius games, conversation and view recording, project’s team tried to find out the level of perceptual ability and also PwlD’s preferences regarding the kind of game.  In the next few months co-creation sessions will be completed providing the project with valuable information in order to create the new training game.