• a fully operational multimodal neurophysiological recordings lab

  • an active and health aging living lab/e-home for citizens monitoring

  • access to numerous hospital clinics/departments, associations and entities


  • a Nihon-Kohden 128 channel EEG and biosignal recording system

  • a Nihon-Kohden 64 channel EEG and biosignal recording system

  • a portable Nihon-Kohden 32 channel EEG and biosignal recording system

  • a Polhemus FASTRACK magnetic stylus localisation system with accompanied software

  • an in house made trigger box for auditory and visual stimulus/recording synchronisation

  • 1 Neurosky biosensor

  • 1 Emotiv EPOC wireless EEG system

  • 4 mobile wrist wearable units/sensors

  • 3 skin conductance (SCR) devices (2 of them specifically fabricated, equipped with fibre optics and capable of operating in magnetically shielded rooms)

  • 2 wearable physiological sensor systems with wireless connections

  • 19 touchscreen units for cognitive and physical training

  • Wii Fit and Kinect consoles

  • an innovative system on smart rehabilitation and exergaming

  • a 10 channel biofeedback system

  • an in-house-made olfactometer for odour release and smell experiments

Software/Neuroscientific tools