Sleep, memory, attention and Neurofeedback

Sunday, October 9, 2016 - 12:45
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Prof Ioannides initiates the talk with cues from his keynote mentioning the parallel of Neurofeedback application to the intuitiveness of mother’s activities to the child. The focus in this approach is the individuality of NF interventions. While average networks are similar there are personal variations which are heavily accented in disease contexts. After that, some interesting philosophical overtures are discussed about variations in neuronal activity, the self and the Heracletan approach of dynamics and change. The “optimal self” is introduced as the optimal brain status to be strived towards both after rest and sleep, as well as goals for Neurofeedback.

After this general discourse, prof. Ioannides focuses in the neurophysiological details that characterize sleep. A link with the Theory of Mind is presented. Elaborating in the Spectral power changes in the brain across periods of varying subject interest are explored for quantifying overall attention states.

The speech closed with implications towards experience integration in the “self” as well as the prerequisites for a positive, healthy sleep.