Personalized Game Suite: A unified platform to sustain and improve the Quality of Life of Parkinson’s Disease patients

Sunday, October 9, 2016 - 11:45
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Sofia B. Dias kicks of the session with the description of a personalized game suite for improving the quality of life for PD patients. The talk introduces the role of games in healthcare interventions and describes the gap that exists for app/games in manageable chronic diseases like PD. It then moves to describe specific gamification design issues and tie them with the needs for intelligent early detection and intervention in PD. The gaming suite described includes a host of games including exergames, dietary games and other goal oriented activities.

After this discourse the link between PD and sensor based gaming and assessment using contemporary controllers like the Kinect for facial expression is explored as well as other participatory game solutions. Moving to a detailed talk about dietary games the benefits of the gamification approach is made for establishing a pattern of healthy diet in PD patients.

Concluding the talk presented the goals of the study and reinforced the holistic approach that is expected to formulate evidence usable in policy making for PD management.