Duration Time
78 weeks (6 hours / week)

Objectives: To teach students, principles and methods of physics used in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, research of biological and physiological processes of the human body. a) The connection of knowledge and thought process of a basic science such as physics with a biological science like Medicine in attempt to explain biological phenomena, b) Understanding of the physical principles, c) the basic knowledge of the operation of instruments and systems used in Medicine, d) familiarity in the use of basic instruments found as main components in medical instrumentation.

Content: Classic Mechanics, Relativity , quantum theory , Structure of Atom , structure of nucleus, radioactivity, nuclear reactions , X-ray, accelerators of charged particles, interactions γ , X photons with matter , Interaction of charged particles with matter, dosimetry of ionizing radiations, Methods and instruments of Dosimetry, Physical principles of Radiology , Physical Principles of Nuclear Medicine, Physical Principles Radiation Therapy, Radiobiology , Radioprotection, Optics , Acoustics, Ultrasound , Geometric Optic , Laser, Physical properties of gases , physical properties of fluids, heating, electric field - Electrostatic , electric current, Magnetism , Electromagnetic radiation, Useful bioelectric standards , Semiconductors , Electronics , Bio- engineering, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – Imaging, Measurement - Protection from non-Ionising Radiation.

Teaching and learning method: a) The courses begin in October 1 and end in January 15, b) Laboratories begin with program which announced after registration of students in the laboratory.

Examinations : a) Performance on tests of Laboratories participates with coefficient 0.3 in the final score b ) The examination in this course is of the multiple choice part and participates with coefficient 0.7 in the final mark.

Educational material: 1) Molyvda-Athanasopoulou Elizabeth, Siountas Anastasios Gotzamani - Psarrakou Anna, Psarrakos Kyriakos , " Epitome Medical Physics ", Publishing University Studio Press, June 2012 . 2 ) Laboratory Notes of academic members of the Medical Physics Laboratory.