Code: IAO263

Semester: 1st

Course type: Elective

Teaching staff: Anastasios Siountas, Bamidis Panagiotis, academic members.

Semester hours: 2 hours / week, 26 hours /semester .

Objective: To teach students the principles and usefulness of the technologies, which applied in medicine or will be implemented in the future. a) the connection of a biological science, like medicine with modern technology , b ) Informing students about technologies, which will be applied in the future .

Content: Hematologic and respirational parameters- Instruments and recovery- Magnetoencephalography - Technology Squid - Audiometry - Surgical Microscopes - Endoscopes - Bone densitometry- Tomography electrical resistance - Artificial kidney - Prosthetic materials - Heart Valves - Pacemakers – Defibrillators - Telemedicine - Signal Processing - Microscopic .

Teaching and learning methods: a) The education begins 1/10 and ends 15/1, b) The lecturer is taught at amphitheatre, Wednesday 18:00 -20:00.

Examinations: Written or essay on specific subject.

Educational Material: "Introduction to Biomedical Engineering " academic members of the Laboratory .