Differences in Insula and Pre-/Frontal Responses during Reappraisal of Food in Lean and Obese Humans

Saturday, October 8, 2016 - 13:15
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Dr. Saurabh Kumar closed the session Schizophrenia, Empathy and Addiction”. He presented an interesting talk regarding obesity from the view of addictive behaviors and specifically the decision making processes followed by obese subjects when food is offered. Dr. Kumar reported results from two EEG studies presenting sweet and savory food or food pictures to obese vs. lean individuals.  The different mental strategies of obese vs. lean subjects in regulating food desire were highlighted and correlated to cortical activations as measured via the EEG data. Questions focused on methodological details of the studies presented. In the following, Dr. Jasmin Vassileva summarized nicely the session’s contents.