Biophotonics & Robotics

The biophotonics research team focuses on the application of photonics in the life sciences, primarily for diagnostic purposes. Novel optical and optoacoustic methods for sensing and imaging as well as fluorescence and confocal microscopy are of particular interest.

The medical robotics research team uses electromechanical and software development primarily to assist human medical rehabilitation from accidents and stroke. We also help maintain physical fitness and mobility for the elderly and people who suffer from chronic disability, such as neurodegenerative diseases.

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Project Highlights


CSI:Brainwave project’s full title is “Brainwave control of a wearable robotic arm for rehabilitation and neurophysiological study in Cervical Spine Injury” .

It is a multidisciplinary neurophysiological project, developed by the Lab of Medical Physics and supported by two Neurosurgical Departments. It has been awarded and is funded by the 2013 “Mario Boni” Research Grant by the Cervical Spine Research Society – European Section (CSRS-ES).