TitleTowards a Quantified-Self web application for seniors' self-tracking
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBillis, Antonis, Batziakas Asterios, and Bamidis Panagiotis
Conference NameInternational Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning (IMCL)
Date Published12/2015
Conference LocationThessaloniki, Greece
ISBN Number978-1-4673-8243-4
Keywordssensor network

Seniors tend to self-track their health in various ways in their daily life. In fact self-tracking has become a habit of their daily lives and a way of living. Therefore, Quantified-Self offers a great match for this age group in particular. Towards this direction we have been developing a web application which visualizes sensor data gathered in real-life settings for over a six-months' period. Technological details of the application developed are provided along with the type of visualized information. Further work is planned towards a user-friendly interface and the pilot testing of the application within the network of established living environments.