TitleThe therapeutic benefits of gravity in space and on earth.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsKourtidou-Papadeli, Chrysoula, Papadelis Christos, Vernikos J, Bamidis Panagiotis, Hitoglou-Antoniadou Magda, Perantoni E, and Vlachogiannis Emmanouil
IssueSuppl 1
Date Published2008 Aug

The traditional scientific approach of investigating the role of a variable on a living organism is to remove it or the ability of the organism to sense it. Gravity is no exception. Access to space has made it possible for us to begin the exploration of how gravity has influenced our evolution, our genetic make-up and our physiology. Identifying the thresholds at which each body system perceives, how much, how often, how long the gravity stimulus is needed and in which direction should it be presented for maximum effectiveness, is fundamental knowledge required for using artificial gravity as a therapeutic or maintenance countermeasure treatment in exploration missions. Here on earth, although surrounded by gravity we are negligent in using gravity as it was intended, to maintain the level of health that is appropriate to living in 1G. These, changes in lifestyle or pathologies caused by various types of injury can benefit as well from artificial gravity in much the same way as we are now considering for astronauts in space.