TitleA methodology for reliability analysis in health networks.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSpyrou, Stergiani S., Bamidis Panagiotis, Maglaveras Nikos, Pangalos George, and Pappas Konstantinos
JournalIEEE Trans Inf Technol Biomed
Date Published2008 May
KeywordsSensitivity and Specificity

A reliability model for a health care domain based on requirement analysis at the early stage of design of regional health network (RHN) is introduced. RHNs are considered as systems supporting the services provided by health units, hospitals, and the regional authority. Reliability assessment in health care domain constitutes a field-of-quality assessment for RHN. A novel approach for predicting system reliability in the early stage of designing RHN systems is presented in this paper. The uppermost scope is to identify the critical processes of an RHN system prior to its implementation. In the methodology, Unified Modeling Language activity diagrams are used to identify megaprocesses at regional level and the customer behavior model graph (CBMG) to describe the states transitions of the processes. CBMG is annotated with: 1) the reliability of each component state and 2) the transition probabilities between states within the scope of the life cycle of the process. A stochastic reliability model (Markov model) is applied to predict the reliability of the business process as well as to identify the critical states and compare them with other processes to reveal the most critical ones. The ultimate benefit of the applied methodology is the design of more reliable components in an RHN system. The innovation of the approach of reliability modeling lies with the analysis of severity classes of failures and the application of stochastic modeling using discrete-time Markov chain in RHNs.