TitleA framework combining delta Event-Related Oscillations (EROs) and Synchronisation Effects (ERD/ERS) to study emotional processing.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsKlados, Manousos, Frantzidis Christos A., Vivas Ana, Papadelis Christos, Lithari Chrysa, Pappas Konstantinos, and Bamidis Panagiotis
JournalComput Intell Neurosci
Date Published2009

Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) or Event-Related Oscillations (EROs) have been widely used to study emotional processing, mainly on the theta and gamma frequency bands. However, the role of the slow (delta) waves has been largely ignored. The aim of this study is to provide a framework that combines EROs with Event-Related Desynchronization (ERD)/Event-Related Synchronization (ERS), and peak amplitude analysis of delta activity, evoked by the passive viewing of emotionally evocative pictures. Results showed that this kind of approach is sensitive to the effects of gender, valence, and arousal, as well as, the study of interhemispherical disparity, as the two-brain hemispheres interplay roles in the detailed discrimination of gender. Valence effects are recovered in both the central electrodes as well as in the hemisphere interactions. These findings suggest that the temporal patterns of delta activity and the alterations of delta energy may contribute to the study of emotional processing. Finally the results depict the improved sensitivity of the proposed framework in comparison to the traditional ERP techniques, thereby delineating the need for further development of new methodologies to study slow brain frequencies.