TitleEcologically valid trials of elderly unobtrusive monitoring: analysis and first results
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBillis, Antonis, Kartsidis Panagiotis, Garyfallos Dimitris-Konstantinos, Tsatali Marianna, Karagianni Maria, and Bamidis Panagiotis
Conference Name4th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Assistive Medicine
Date Published06/2015
Conference LocationPavia, Italy
Keywordsstatistical process control

Intelligent health monitoring systems of elderly have been around for several years now. Evaluation of sensor measurements and intelligent processing algorithms has been performed mainly in lab settings, prohibiting the collection of datasets that reflect real behavior of seniors. As a result, when technology migrates to real-life settings, fails to achieve similar monitoring accuracy. Our approach tackles this problem, by piloting the USEFIL intelligent monitoring system, to elderly people both at lab and home settings. Fifteen (15) seniors were recruited to follow a number of predefined activities in a free-form manner for 2 weeks. Five (5) of them were also recruited for piloting the system in their own homes for a period of two months. Statistical analysis of sensor observations and clinical assessment tools revealed the monitoring added value of the sensors in an ecological valid environment. In addition, trend analysis based on lab findings, showed – by means of a single case study- the potential of the system to continuously assess health indicators and detect health deterioration signs.