TitleDouble-blind Greek translation and online implementation of the Godspeed robotics questionnaire
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAstaras, A, Athanasiou Alkinoos, Alexandrou Alexandra, Kartsidis Panagiotis, Moustakas Nikolaos, and Bamidis Panagiotis
Conference Name6th Panhellenic Conference on Biomedical Technology (ELEVIT/IFMBE)
Conference LocationAthens, Greece

Introduction: User perception of robots and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) metrics have emerged as important research focal points in robotic development. The GODSPEED rating scale is a popular relevant metric. HRI is especially important in cases of robots designed for rehabilitation and assistive technologies. We present a double-blind translation and an online form of this rating scale for Greek robot users, developers and researchers.
Materials and Methods: Our team's first version of the Greek translation (GODSPEED-g) was used in a pilot study and subsequently subjected to blind backward translation. A third researcher comparatively evaluated the forward and backward translations for accuracy. Problematic elements were highlighted and underwent double-blind forward and backward translation followed by independent reevaluation, producing version 1.2. We created an online adaptation of this improved version of the questionnaire GODSPEED-g-1.2 using the online site Google Forms.
Results: Initial independent inspection of the double-blind translation pinpointed nine elements that were not accurately translated. The problems were resolved in the second round of forward and backward translation.
Discussion The online form of GODSPEED-g-1.2 is open to anyone wishing to register a robot and user survey. Collected data will be available upon request and be comparable to results obtained from other language versions of the Godspeed questionnaire. A planned robotic pilot study which uses the Greek translation will take advantage of this online form.