TitleCross-border collaboration between Greece and FYROM: mobile healthcare provision.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSpyrou, Stergiani S., Vartzopoulos Dimitrios, Bamidis Panagiotis, and Maglaveras Nikos
JournalStud Health Technol Inform
Date Published2008
KeywordsVital Capacity

Introduction of eHealth tools and applications denotes the new era in health care sector and especially in health care networks. The telemedicine applications in cross-border areas, referred as a Cross-Border Health network, serve the improvement of the quality of life for the population in cross-border areas. In this work a framework for such a network concerning the collaboration between Greece and FYROM is described. The network is in the first phase of design and is expected to be implemented within the next year. The requirements, the restrictions and the design of the network has been defined by the healthcare professionals and it staff that participate in the project. The results, so far, reveal the acceptance of the system from the staff of the healthcare organizations, while detailed results for the performance of the system will be available in the first quarter of the next year. The work denotes the successful efforts for the development of Cross-border Health Networks.