TitleBiomedical real-time monitoring in restricted and safety-critical environments.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAstaras, A, Bamidis Panagiotis, Kourtidou-Papadeli Chrysoula, and Maglaveras Nikos
Volume12 Suppl 1
Date Published2008 Aug

Biomedical signal monitoring can counteract the risk of human operator error due to inattention or fatigue in safetycritical and restrictive environments, such as in aviation, space, automobile and heavy industrial machinery operation. Real-time biomedical data acquisition is changing through advances in microelectronics fabrication, bio-MEMS and power micro-generators. Such data acquisition and processing systems are becoming increasingly miniaturised, flexible and pervasive, while data is being collected from inside the human body as well as around it. In this paper we review two related research projects exploiting this technological convergence, discuss its implications and suggest future innovation prospects through further similar cross-disciplinary synergies.