The ASOSS-RG is an active participant in a number of international projects in collaboration with several healthcare institutions, Industries and Enterprises, as well as User Groups and Associations. Moreover, it demonstrates strong management capacity having coordinated a large number of EU grants in CIP-PSP, FP7, and INTERREG programmes but also acted as the System Integration Manager in others.

  • LLM: ASOSS has co-ordinated the LLM project ( and recently has progressed in the respective business plan by materialising the Greek Business plan case, thereby offering the LLMcare services as a commercial exploitation in Greece and Cyprus (
  • UNCAP: Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People. UNCAP delivers an interoperable platform based on open industrial standards … leveraging on existing technologies for biosensing, indoor/outdoor localisation and home-automation. The aimed result is an open source, scalable and privacy-savvy ecosystem compatible with existing Personal Health Record systems, that can deliver novel services that can help aging people (incl. those with cognitive impairments) live independently and with dignity. ASOSS is a trial partner in UNCAP, which is funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme.
  • USEFIL: ASOSS participate in the FP7 funded USEFIL project, which aims to address the gap between technological research advances and the practical needs of elderly people by developing advanced but affordable in-home unobtrusive monitoring and web communication solutions. USEFIL uses low cost "off-the-shelf" technology to develop immediately applicable services that assist the elderly in maintaining their independence and daily activities. ASOSS is the Lead in USEFIL System Integration as well as a core trial clinical partner and technical developer. (
  • DISCOVER: ASOSS actively participates with technical developments and pilot design and deployment of trials for care givers of elderly within the CIP-ICT-PSP DISCOVER project (
  • CHILDRENHEALTH: ASOSS co-ordinated a regional/cross-border collaboration project between Greece and FYROM dealing, among other issues, with emphasis on issues of public health and prevention of obesity and cardiovascular diseases at the school age (
  • WHAAM: The project is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme to support students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and their parents and teachers. ASOSS develops a Mobile Application for monitor ADHD kids and assessing intervention outcomes (
  • C4C: The Group collaborates with psychology and secondary school counseling experts for building up affective gaming environments for moderating the bad psychological impacts of crisis in teenager behaviours (
  • AUTISM: National funding for pilot design of an innovative, avatar based system assisting and facilitating autism education (